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Biomass boilers

Biomass boiler for domestic use, to burn olive pits, almond shells, pellets, firewood., And other solid fuels.

Boiler for heating and hot water for domestic use, with standby system, with which the boiler does not get shut down, however small consumption.

With possibility to easily locate their small size.

The boiler is steel. The combustion chamber includes a water-cooled fully accessible through a door easy to open.

System of primary and secondary air that achieves a perfect combustion of biofuel, providing a large increase in performance, combustion and environmental friendly.

Biomass boiler Biomass boiler Biomass boiler

Cleaning the boiler

The boiler is implemented with an automatic cleaning system. Manual work of cleaning during the heating season is not necessary. The cleanup of the boiler are required once a year where the burner, combustion chamber, exhaust pipes and the container of ashes should be cleaned to be free from the ashes attached.

Why biomass boilers are environmentally friendly if they produce CO2?

During the growth process trees absorb CO2 from the air, which is then released during combustion in exactly the same proportion. Thus, CO2 emissions during combustion are not superior to those issued in emissions that will come during the natural decomposition of the trees in the forest. This means that heating with pellets does not contribute to a possible global greenhouse.

Wood, and therefore the wood pellets, fuel being a natural and renewable, are part of the life cycle of nature.

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