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Biomass stoves

Biomass stoves are particularly suitable for flats and houses that do not have central heating. Its fuel is more economical and environmentally friendly than fossil fuels. In addition, biomass boilers and stoves are subsidized.

Biomass stoves are a way to get free renewable energy only provides benefits, solid biomass comes mostly from forest clearing, pruning of city councils, olive pits, almond shells, etc. .. thereby reducing the risk of fires and promotes the development and rural employment. In addition, modern stoves and biomass boilers offer efficiencies up to 92% compared to 20% of a conventional fireplace.

There are two main types of biomass stoves, both work with pellets and can be either "cassette" or independent ideal for fireplaces that require no pre-installation. They have many advantages, the first that are more comfortable than conventional fuel because they have a supply of fuel (pellets) is not automatic and must be alert to feed them by hand, also the fuel pellets burn at 100%, no smoke black that can invade your home and leave unsightly black patches, another advantage is that the pellets can be purchased as large as in small bags of 20kg only our company can deliver direct to your door at no extra cost, and for a price very economical.

Biomass stoves with pellets Biomass stoves with pellets

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