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Biomass: What are pellets?

Pellets are small cylinders of wood waste (sawdust and chips) naturally dried and pressed to have a diameter of 5-6 mm and a length of 10-25 mm.

The pressing is done at high pressure (no other additives), with the end result a very low water content.

The sale of pellets is by kilos. A 1 m³ of pellets weighs 650 kg.

To compare:
2Kg pellets............1 Lt. about diesel.
1 m³ pellets...........320 Lt. about diesel.

How long have calorific pellets?

The pellets have a high calorific value and can reach 4.9 kWh / kg.

The quality of the pellets is very important!

For optimum operation of a pellet heating system, we recommend the use of pellets purchased from suppliers who provide quality pellets sufficient guarantee.

Biomass: pellets Biomass: pellets Biomass: pellets

How long have calorific pellets compared to diesel and natural gas?

The calorific value of 1Lt. Heating oil is around 10 kWh per liter, much like that of 1 m³ of natural gas.

To understand, 2 kg pellets is equivalent to 1 liter of heating oil and natural gas 1 m³.

Como los pellets son mucho más económicos significará que podemos ahorrar fácilmente un 40% en la factura de calefacción.

How long can I store the pellets?

The pellets can be stored indefinitely as long as the storage location is a dry place.

The pellets lose their consistency and deteriorate in contact with water and moisture.

Where I can buy the pellets as they are provided?

Climatizaciones Guadalhorce offers its customers free delivery of pellets in your home, simply by ordering by phone during business hours.

Thus, no need to store large quantities of pellets in your home.

How supply is guaranteed?

In many European countries, especially in northern Europe, a wide network of production and distribution of wood pellets, through many local producers to ensure a continuous supply and stable prices of pellets on the market.

In Spain, the production of pellets is considerable expansion and noteworthy efforts of the different autonomous authorities in promoting the use of energy generated by renewable sources and environmentally friendly.

We guarantee the supply of pellets.

How comfortable is heating with pellets?

The biomass boilers or stoves are very comfortable. It is a modern heating system fully automatic control from the power system, ignition and combustion, and control of digital temperature control. It is also possible to install a remote control system for the regulator.

The ash residue in the burner are very low, requiring longer periods of time to empty the ash container below the burner.

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