Instalación de aire acondicionado
Instalación de aire acondicionado en domicilios

Domestic air conditioning

The air conditioning is now the best method to control the temperature of a home and office, the advantages are many: automatic climate control, cruise control air outlet, can take a team a single device that cools or heats the environment, the elimination of humidity, lack of annoying sound, and so on.

Our air conditioners range from the range domestic economy to large units of multi-split systems, all with the best quality in the market. We work with major brands such as Mitsubishi, Daikin, Carrier, LG, Panasonic, Tango, etc.

The homes around the world invest at least 10% of total energy consumption in HVAC systems with air conditioning, which is why leading brands are working every day trying to reduce spending even more electricity, but still provide an efficient conditioning system with inverter technology makes your air conditioner has a consumption of up to 50% less electricity than traditional equipment, but continued to maintain a temperature stability.


For systems for domestic behavior, plus give you the pre-installation and air conditioning equipment, installation can be completed efficiently with the new system Airzone, which optimizes its air conditioning duct systems, if each prefers a different temperature in your room or working in space occupied by each day, with the new HVAC system for areas it is possible to have a different temperature in each room, and controlled independently.

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