Mantenimiento de sistemas de climatización
Mantenimiento integral de sistemas de climatización industrial

Maintenance of air conditioning systems

Integral maintenance of facilities, skilled professionals and reduced performance time.

In Guadalhorce Climatizaciones currently responsible for the comprehensive maintenance of facilities, coordinating the work of all trades involved in maintaining a home, business, trade or corporate headquarters.

We recommend cleaning your air conditioner filters at least 1 time every 3 months in the summer it may require more time, this recommendation relates only to the domestic, industrial situations to talk to your dealer.

For installations where it needs to cover a specified temperature continuously, and you can not afford to have air-conditioning equipment out of service for several days while the piece arrives, laptops have high cooling capacity of customer service in to rent or included in your maintenance contract, with a quick and easy installation not to suffer the consequences caused by a breakdown of this type.

Maintenance of air conditioning systems

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