Climatización de Piscinas
Climatización de Piscinas

Heating pools

The installation of air conditioning systems have a mission to increase the heating of our pool, so we can enjoy a good swim beyond the specified season in the bathroom without having a very large jump between water temperature and ambient also help the systems installed to heat the water as if the air temperature is higher than the outdoor pools thermal gap is smaller as the water temperature will be higher.

We bathe in days or even hot little cold (if we have a cover for our pool), but also the environment weatherize our team must also dehumidify the air treaty.

Heating pool

Dehumidifiers are responsible for regulating the moisture generated inside the deck of our pool, by the effect produced by the evaporation of water.

Facilities of indoor swimming pools in the dampness promotes the growth of mold and mildew, so installing a machine that also controls the humidity is desirable to solve this problem.

Heating pools Heating pools

Climatizaciones Guadalhorce: air conditioning and solar energy

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