Instalación de placas solares para agua caliente sanitaria
Agua caliente sanitaria con energía solar

Solar Thermal Energy

Get free hot water with solar energy and collaborate with the environment because solar energy is clean, clean, investing in solar units whose effective life can reach 30 years of use.

Thermosiphon compact install games and equipment solar stations that control the excellent work of overlapping solar panels may well integrate into your roof and house the accumulator tank in another location of the house.

Agua caliente por energía solar Paneles de energia solar

Teams are indirect connection, thus avoiding the deterioration of the panels and the battery in areas with large concentrations of lime in water.

We install different accumulation tanks tailored to customer needs by providing capabilities 200, 300, 400, 500, etc., liters, installing as many panels as required by the installation, it also directly manage the grant for their installation has a very affordable cost for any user.

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