Energía solar fotovoltaica
Instalación de paneles solares fotovoltaicos


In Guadalhorce Climatizaciones take care to transform solar energy directly into electricity, to be obtained in a clean high quality energy. Currently, photovoltaic conversion of solar energy is competitive for rural electrification as housing sites, water wells, nurseries, etc ... It also has great potential in integrating into the buildings and interconnection to the grid.

Solar panel Solar panel instalation

The essential components of a photovoltaic system are the photovoltaic panels supports the plates, the regulator, protection systems, batteries and the converter, the latter two should be a standalone installation.

Most currently used photovoltaic panels are made of cells made from silicon, one of the most abundant elements on Earth. These cells have the ability to generate electricity when illuminated by the sun. All plate cells are linked together in series and add their power (current and voltage) electrical power to reach, thanks to the current regulator can store in batteries and then pass it through a converter to get 220 V in our home.

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