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Mantenimiento de sistemas de tratamientos de aguas

Maintenance of water treatment systems

Integral maintenance of facilities, skilled professionals and reduced performance time.

In Climatizaciones Guadalhorce currently responsible for the comprehensive maintenance of facilities, coordinating the work of all trades involved in maintaining a home, business, trade or corporate headquarters.


We recommend that a test in softening the water at least 1 time every 6-8 months for the softener is working at the correct scale because various factors interfere with the water network and affects our ups and downs of water hardness, if receives a yellow tinge in their treated water washing should schedule more often, we recommend replacing the resin of the tank when the manufacturer indicates in the manual.

Reverse Osmosis

We recommend opening the drain valve at least 1 minute a week, check with your dealer because there are teams that do it automatically, all filter change 1 time a year, where many water impurities require 2 changes per year.

Maintenance of water treatment systems

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