Climatizaciones Guadalhorce: climatización y energía solar
Tratamiento de aguas por osmosis inversa

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis systems work by taking advantage of different osmotic pressures on both sides of a membrane. The very pressure of the water supply allows the water passing through the osmotic membrane from the other side, preventing the passage of contaminants.

They provide clean water, more and better-tasting crystalline.

Through its advanced filtration system, its effectiveness as a treatment system is hovering on average 93-98%, although this percentage is not homogeneous, but for each pollutant the percentage of effectiveness varies. These systems are typically compact, occupying little space and are designed for easy filter change, by the owner himself.

From a management standpoint, all systems are automatic and very comfortable. The team usually is installed under the sink and the treated water is obtained in an additional tap.

Reverse osmosis system

Climatizaciones Guadalhorce: air conditioning and solar energy

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